March 2019 Dinner – Cheryl Lacey

March 2019 Laissez Faire – invite to March Dinner

The March 2019 Laissez Faire is out now

  • “Can the EU Survive?” Meeting Report Oct 17 – the speaker survived !
  • Defeating the Corn Laws
  • Private Policing
Invite to March 2019 Adam Smith Club Dinner

Cheryl Lacey
Moving Forward to Fundamentals

Reclaiming Our Great Nation Through Vital Education Reform

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David Sharp Address 2017

David Sharp – Barrister at Law

Our former President and inaugural David Sharp Orator Dr Michael James has provided a text of his speech delivered on 31st October 2017 at Cafe Boheme.

The pdf is to be found HERE and the text can be viewed online ‘below the fold’


Message from the President

Many apologies. The year 2018 has slipped by and the Adam Smith Club has not given the necessary intellectual and social kick up the rear to statists and those who just prefer the state to the individual.

We did have two near events – but with speakers or dates that didn’t work. The President has had some health issues – but we are all back on deck. The Editor has placed a request for anyone who likes wine, cheese, conversation and committee work to put up their hand to be considered for the Club committee, as age and changing cities thin the current ranks. Please contact the Hon Secretary by email ( or by phone (0403 933 786).

We hope to have at least two events more before the federal poll and a full set of dinners for the year!

Inaugural David Sharp Address – Dr Michael James – Can the EU Survive ?

CAN THE EUROPEAN UNION SURVIVE? – Michael James was President of the Club from 1998 to 1999. He lectured in politics at La Trobe University from 1974 to 1988. He edited Policy for the CIS from 1989 to 1993, and was the founding editor of Agenda for the ANU from 1994 to 1998.

Despite Brexit and the emergence of Eurosceptic political parties across Europe, the EU continues to pursue its project to build a bureaucratic super-state marked by heavy uniform regulation and lack of accountability.

October Laissez Faire and invite to Dr Michael James on EU dinner

The October edition of Laissez Faire (#122) is out

  • Tribute to Club Founder David Sharp
  • Citizenship and Accountability
  • Re-calibration and Climate Change
  • invite to the October Dinner –  The Inaugural David Sharp Address – Dr Michael James on ‘Can the European Union survive’

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August 2017 Adam Smith Club Dinner – Alan Oxley

Alan Oxley    on
The Threat of Protectionism – Human Error

What’s wrong with protectionism? How about “managed trade”? How protectionist is Trump? What does China’s “One Belt One Road” imply? What are the implications of Brexit? How will this affect the rest of Asia & Australia? What effect are minor parties having in Australia? Alan Oxley will cover this and more at the dinner.

Alan Oxley is Chairman of the APEC Studies Centre at RMIT University and Managing Director of ITS Global, a consultancy which advises on trade, investment and sustainability. He was a former Ambassador to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the predecessor of the World Trade Organization. He is a regular commentator in the media and has published two books – The Challenge of Free Trade and Seize the Future. He is also Chairman of World Growth, a free market NGO.

July Laissez Faire and August Dinner Invite

The July edition of Laissez Faire (#121) is out

  • No such thing as a Free Education
  • John Stuart Mill – Champion of Liberty
  • Gloves off-on Climate Change
  • invite to the August Dinner – Alan Oxley on ‘The Threat of Protectionism’

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July Adam Smith Dinner – Richard Morgan on Adam Smith and his Real World Economics

The July Dinner of the Australian Adam Smith Club

Richard Morgan on
“Adam Smith and the Real World Economy”

Tuesday the 11th of July, 2017 at Boheme Restaurant Bar, 368 Bridge Road, Richmond.

Richard Morgan has a long interest in the work and philosophy of Adam Smith – his book “Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis – The relevance of Adam Smith on morality and free markets” (Connor Court 2009), was a very clear insight into the lessons to be drawn from the master. This address goes further and looks at the world of Trump and modern China.

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June Laissez Faire Newsletter – and Richard Morgan Dinner invite

The June 2017 Laissez Faire Newsletter is out –

  • July Dinner – Richard Morgan on “Adam Smith – and his Real World Economics”
  • New Booking Regime – TryBooking !
  • What happens in WA – post election

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