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About the Club

The Australian Adam Smith Club (Melbourne) was formed in 1983, to promote and explore the further understanding of the principles and works of Adam Smith and like minded thinkers.

Members of the club take an uncompromising stand in the support of:

* private property
* freedom of contract
* freedom from coercion by others
* freedom of trade and enterprise in the market, both domestically and internationally
* freedom of the individual within the framework of minimal government activity
* freedom of movement of capital and labour throughout the world

Further, the Club has been formed to publicise the dangers to our civilisation of the consequences of the failure to promote the principles of freedom in the battle of ideas.

Membership is welcomed and is opened to any person who will support the objects of the Club as outlined above.

Dinner meetings are held four to six times a year, generally between February and November. At each meeting, a guest speaker presents his or her views on some issue of importance. Some formal debates have also been hosted. Past speakers have included:

Past Speakers included-
Prof Lachlan Chipman Prof Geoffrey Blainey
Dr Katherine Betts The Hon Bert Kelly
Hugh Morgan Imre Salusinszky
Dr Christopher Lingle Martin Lee QC
Fiona Patten MLC Bob Santamaria
Richard Epstein E G West
Sen. David Leyonhjelm Katy Barnett
Gary Johns Dame Leonie Kramer

Starting in late 2017 we will also have the Annual David Sharp Address, honouring our Foundation President and his legacy in furthering Classical Liberal thought in Australia.

The Club sells books by Adam Smith and works on related topics at our meetings, the distinctive club tie is also available from our book stall.

Adam Smith Club - Committee 2020
position position
President Tim Warner Vice President Regina Bron
Hon.Sec/Tres Dr Anna Blainey Warner Gen.Comittee Tom Bostock
Immed.Past President Michael Warby Editor Mannie Gross
Gen.Committee Dr Michael James Gen.Committee Jeffrey Babb
Gen.Committee Margaret Livingstone

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