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-from JULY 2014

Invite to July 2014 Dinner

James Allan on

Democracy in Decline :
Steps in the Wrong Direction

(download invite & newsletter is pdf ~200kb)

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Katy Barnetts (aka Legal Eagle) address to the to March 2011 Dinner

Is now available for pdf download

The paper looks at the Limits of Law from a practical as well as philosophic basis

(download the paper pdf ~150kb)

Invite to March 2011 Dinner - Katy Barnett on

The Limits of Law

(download invite & newsletter is pdf ~200kb)

Mannie Gross' Paper - How to Smell a (Scientific) Rat

Is now available for pdf download

The paper looks at the scientific method - as described by Popper,
& and shows why anthropogenic global warming fails key tests.

(download the paper pdf ~600kb)

The Clubs' July 2008 Dinner was

David Archibald

"The Future of Energy in Australia"- David's presentation is available here (~2Mb - pdf)

Senator Mitch Fifield's speech to the October Dinner

Fiscal Contraception: 
Erecting Barriers to impulsive spending.

(download is pdf ~50kb)

Michelle Grattan in 'The Age' (8 Oct) on Senator Fifield's address to the Club


Senator Fifield mentions in his speech (and has championed in Hansard) Bruce Smith and his work 'Liberty & Liberalism' (see the wikipedia here) this important book can be read online here as html from the 'Library of Economics and Liberty'

and purchased from the CIS here

The July Dinner Speaker - Mark Lopez will launch his book 

' The Little Black Schoolbook'  on Tuesday 14th October 2008

see the IPA site for how to book and how to get there.



The Clubs' April 2008 Dinner was

Bob Day

"The Tyranny of Urban Planning:
Home Truths about Housing Affordabaility"

click the title to download the speech in pdf format (120k)


The Clubs' October 2007 Address 

Dr Fred Hansen

Good Health - And how to get it

click the title to download the address in pdf format (200k)




Notes from Jennifer Marohasy's February '06 Address -

link to Okhams Razor radio show (transcript only) mentioned in her address

link to Jennifers Blog also mentioned in the address


The text of a paper similar to that delivered
to the July 2003 meeting by William Coleman on

"Economic and its Enemies"
is available by clicking here




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