October 2020- Laissez Faire

The Adam Smith Newsletter #125 is OUT NOW

  • Invite to Rowan Callick Zoom Forum – “The Threat from China Under the CCP”
  • Emergency Powers or Normal Powers – the threat of the new Omnibus COVID Bill before Victorian State Parliament
  • Meeting Report of July Zoom Meet with Senator James Paterson
  • Local Government – the corruption of the local government elections process in 2020
  • My Enemies Enemy – The Mid East Peace process and unlikely allies

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June 2020 – Webinar- Sen James Paterson

We are proud to start the new Web Forum format with a very current topic and very current speaker –

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Senator James Paterson


Extraordinary Measures for Extraordinary Times & the Proper Limits to Government

The Web Forum will have a speech and questions from 8pm on Wednesday June 3rd 2020 for at least one hour.

Senator James Paterson is a Liberal Senator for Victoria. First elected in March 2016 at age 28, Senator Paterson is the youngest ever Liberal Senator. During his time in the Senate, he has fought for free speech and religious liberty, defended Australia’s sovereignty, opposed radical constitutional change, and prosecuted the case for economic reform. He is also deputy chair of the Senate Select Committee into the COVID-19 response, a committee set up to assess the government’s health and economic response to the Coronavirus crisis. Prior to entering the Senate, James was Deputy Executive Director of free market think tank, the Institute of Public Affairs.

The COVID-19 lockdown in Australia has been described as a war against a virus as justification for the implementation of measures that deprive citizens of their liberties. We often hear our politicians say they are responsible to keep us safe. But is “keeping us safe” a legitimate function of government? Senator Paterson will address the Club on this & other matters, after which there will be a question & answer session.

Attendance is open to both members and non-members. Those desiring to attend should register no later than 6:00PM Wednesday 3rd of June. Attendees may join the meeting from 7:30PM.

REGISTER – Please register via email at asmith@adamsmithclub.org and you will receive meeting login details via return email.

Enquiries to Hon. Secretary, mob : 0403 933 786
email: asmith@adamsmithclub.org

>>>>>download the latest invite at LF124 – James Paterson <<<<<

We’re Back !

After a long hiatus caused by health and the closure of our much loved venue at Boheme the Committee has worked on a COVID appropriate response – Zoom Forums – bring your own glass !

Look forward to seeing you at future meetings.

Message from the President

Many apologies. The year 2018 has slipped by and the Adam Smith Club has not given the necessary intellectual and social kick up the rear to statists and those who just prefer the state to the individual.

We did have two near events – but with speakers or dates that didn’t work. The President has had some health issues – but we are all back on deck. The Editor has placed a request for anyone who likes wine, cheese, conversation and committee work to put up their hand to be considered for the Club committee, as age and changing cities thin the current ranks. Please contact the Hon Secretary by email (asmith@adamsmithclub.org) or by phone (0403 933 786).

We hope to have at least two events more before the federal poll and a full set of dinners for the year!

Inaugural David Sharp Address – Dr Michael James – Can the EU Survive ?

CAN THE EUROPEAN UNION SURVIVE? – Michael James was President of the Club from 1998 to 1999. He lectured in politics at La Trobe University from 1974 to 1988. He edited Policy for the CIS from 1989 to 1993, and was the founding editor of Agenda for the ANU from 1994 to 1998.

Despite Brexit and the emergence of Eurosceptic political parties across Europe, the EU continues to pursue its project to build a bureaucratic super-state marked by heavy uniform regulation and lack of accountability.