November Dinner – Peter Fenwick – In Defence of Bill Leak

Peter Fenwick   on
Taking Responsibility for Ourselves and our Children:
A Defence of Bill Leak’s Message and his Right to Say it

The Adam Smith Club will host a meeting on Tuesday the 22nd of November, 2016 at Bohéme Restaurant Bar, 368 Bridge Road, Richmond. Further details on costs and booking are in this months Laissez Faire – see below.

Peter Fenwick will address the basis of our free and prosperous society, the errors of redistributive justice, crony capitalism, sound money and why good parenting – highlighted by Bill Leak – is essential. The current issues and court cases involving the QUT students, the Bill Leak cartoon, welfare as an entitlement and use of trigger warnings – this address will be taking aim at some of the problems eating at our body politic.

November Laissez Faire Newsletter and Peter Fenwick Dinner Invite <<<< download here