March Dinner – Tanveer Ahmed – Fragile Nation

The Adam Smith Club will host a meeting on Wednesday the 15th of March, 2017
at Bohéme Restaurant Bar, 368 Bridge Road, Richmond.

Tanveer Ahmed
Fragile Nation: Vulnerability, Resilience & Victimhood”

Tanveer Ahmed-Fragile Nation (Connor Court)


Dr Tanveer Ahmed is a consultant psychiatrist. He received his medical degree at the University of
Sydney and trained as a psychiatrist throughout New South Wales. He is also an author who has
involvement in the media and politics. He is an elected councillor at the City of Canada Bay. He
appears in various media, most commonly regular contributions to Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise
and columns in the Spectator Australia. He has previously had regular columns in national
newspapers, undertaken international news stories and co-hosted a prime-time gameshow. His
migration memoir is titled The Exotic Rissole. His latest publication, Fragile Nation, will be the
subject of his address to the AASC.

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